Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happiness Is. . . . . .

Tomorrow at 3pm marks the end of term 3.
At the very same time, it marks the beginning of holidays for two little boys and one Mumma Joyce.

 I do hope there is lots of time to squish our toes in the sand,
scoot our scooters through the local tracks,
picnic under big green swishy trees,
roll dough beneath our fingers,
thread a needle with pretty coloured cottons,
add to 'the longest finger knitted snake in Coffs Harbour',
cloud watch,
book read,
whisper secrets and giggle.

I want to get lots of photos, 
funny photos,
speedy photos,
messy photos,
our photos.

Happy days to you and yours, take care and 
I will see you all very, very soon.


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