Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Mum's Love.

Sometimes Mum cannot be there in person,

sometimes we just gotta grab a handful of life and get on with it,

and each time we know that Mum is there, and she loves us more than we will ever know.

Mum love - in your pocket.

She is always with you.
She is always thinking of you.
Her love for you is bigger than infinity plus infinity, and it grows more and more with each day.

First day of school, Mum is loving you.
First day of work/uni, Mum is loving you.
First sleepover, Mum is loving you.
Presentation in front of a crowd, Mum is loving you.
Fishing/camping trip without her and it's dark out there and there are scary noises, Mum is loving you.
Feeling sad, Mum is loving you.
Feeling happy, Mum is loving you.

oh this is not restricted to Mums either.  It's just that Mum Love is quite possibly the biggest and most unconditional love that I know of.  From having a Mum to being a Mum.  
Nor is Mum Love restricted to ones pocket.  

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