Monday, September 3, 2012

Fashion Parade

Real clothes, worn by real women, with real bodies.

What a beautiful sight.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the female body.

These gorgeous models whooped it up in the sunshine on Saturday.

I think every young person and teenager should attend fashion parades like this.

There was laughter, there was fun, there was clapping and cheering and ohhhhh and aaaahhhh.

My boys were there and they enjoyed it too.  They think Mum is famous because her little
satin flower hair pins were in a fashion parade.  *giggle*

Here is Charlotte from Greenroom Gallery and here is some of her spring collection.

I love this outfit.  Managed to get me this beautiful hemp cardi in a lovely rich avocado green.  
Oh and pretty spring flowers in the models hair are all done by moi!  Little Joyce blooms.

This beautiful red number can be dressed for day or jazzed up for evening.  
I am loving that beautiful scarf too.

Hand painted silk, beautiful.  Goes perfectly with my little satin flower too.

Celebrate the body of a real woman.

Tell your daughters, friends, niece, cousins, how beautiful they are.

Look in the mirror and see how beautiful YOU are.

 Be the you that you are meant to be.  

Wear the clothing that you love to wear and makes you feel wonderful.

Eat the food that you love to eat but don't starve yourself for the sake of *pfffftttt* what?  for the sake of I don't even know!  Seriously!  What's the point of it?  
Just as long as you are healthy and happy in yourself - isn't that good enough?

It should be.
And anyone that cannot accept you for the you that you are - toss 'em.

Thanks Charlotte for using my flowers with your beautiful spring wardrobe collection.
Thank you to all the models on the day.  
You are all so absolutely beautiful!

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