Saturday, November 17, 2012


I love to make.  
  It's what makes me the me that I am.  
It's why I was born with fingers.
It's in the blood that runs through my body.
It's in the little particles of oxygen that get sucked in through my nose.
If I didn't make, then I would not be me.

I love it.
I love the texture.
I love the preparing.
I love the colours.
I love the planning.
I love the variety.
I love the shapes.
I love the thoughts.
I love the beginning,
I love the ending.

For years I have made for family and friends and taken custom orders for items, but it was only December 2011 that I took the plunge and booked my own table at a very unique Made With Love Markets locally.

It was the beginning of something wonderful.

I am part of an ever growing community of some of the most amazing and gifted crafters, artists and market organisers in this most beautiful region of the Mid North Coast of NSW.
It is such an honour - I am having the time of my life.  

 Thank you to the ever growing surge of lovers of handmade.
Thank you for being part of my 'dreams come true'.
Thank you for loving items made by hand.

Cinderella knew what she was saying when she said,
'A dream is a wish your heart makes.'


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