Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Everyone's A Winner Baby!

I cannot help myself.

There were a stack of bags I had packed up to take to the local charity store.

Instead of being a good girl and just dropping off the items, I went inside.


I went inside, and look what ended up coming home with me!

It's a win win - they get stuff - I get stuff.



  1. win win! such pretty pansies on the plate. yeah, it's hard to just donate and walk away sometimes. things have a way of clinging on and coming home with us, don't they!

  2. lol Ana, so glad I am not alone. We do need to give this beauties a new home, and I am more than happy to assist. The store also needs to make room for the next lot of stock that comes through also of course. lol. Have a lovely rest-of-week at your place. xx