Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Joyce

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Advent.  
It is a time of waiting for the birth of Jesus.  
A time of repentance, a time to reflect.

For me it is a time to be mindful.
Mindful of self.
Mindful of others.
Clearing the clutter from the inside.

I am going to take control of my stress levels.
It is totally up to me, what and who I allow into my life, and maybe by me taking control of my surroundings and what energies I accept from those around me, then I can begin to share my own positive and less stressed energy for calm.
That does not mean pushing people away from me, it just means when they dump on me, to nod politely, help them if they ask/want it, but not to absorb their negativity into myself.
To try and leave them feeling better, to try to share positive energy towards them.
Sort of like how a tree absorbs carbon dioxide and then emits oxygen.
(my way for words is ugg and iewww) *ahem*

Understanding that by stressing about 'all the things I have to do', does not make the task easier, it just fills my head with more crap.  It's pointless crap too.  If the job/task is not done, then get over it, tomorrow is there.  Look at what I HAVE achieved TODAY!  

Starting with my family.  
Taking time out, shutting out the negative, shutting out the rush.
Welcoming the calm, taking control, and what we allow in.
Cleansing my thoughts, tidying up my mind space, dusting out the unwanted energy,
baking batches of calm, that I can share with those around me.  

Extending the above to my workspace and colleagues.
Sharing the positive and calm with the children in the classroom.
By my actions and reactions, hopefully all positive and good, the children also learn to be calm, and keep stress out of their own little lives.  

Instead of absorbing the commercial Christmas,
 I am going to begin to exude, in simple things.  
A hug.
A 'how are you?'
Sitting in quiet.
Taking control of ME.

I am queen of my castle.
My castle is my whole self.
It's up to ME.

Happy first day of Summer Southern Hemisphere.

Hugs to you.  

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