Monday, October 8, 2012

Grateful October - Day 9

Day 9 - Grateful that the only one to slice their finger in class 4 today was me.
Grateful also that I did not gross out my little friend who I was helping, when blood spurted all over his blank page and not over any of his beautiful work.

Grateful for all the beautiful hugs that I received on this, the first day of term 4, 2012 from my beautiful little smiling friends, so happy to be back to school today.  



  1. And I am today grateful for osteopaths and that I am booked in for tomorrow.
    Love the ring you're wearing :-D

  2. Fabulous! Hope all goes well. The ring I love too. From Jive Design in Noosa. Beautiful store, fabulous jewellery that you don't see everyone else wearing. I get comments on this ring all the time. xx

  3. Ouch!!! I hope you didn't cut yourself too badly Joyce...

    Jodie :)